Kids & Teens

Baby Alliance

Baby Alliance is a class designed for young children and their parents. Parents are requested to stay in the class and encouraged to participate. It would be a good way for them to learn the songs that their child is singing so that they can reinforce the vocabulary learned by singing the songs at home. However, please note that the content of the classes is not intended for adult learners so we would not recommend that you rely on these classes to learn French conversation for your own purposes. Each child will receive a booklet with what have been learned during the classes!

This class is held , upon request. More information here.

Kids (from 6 to 8 years-old)

This class is for children who have very few (or even no) French. They would learn basic vocabulary such as: the animals, food, the weather, a few songs, talk about their hobbies, how to introduce themselves, their family, the body parts, etc.

Usually, the teacher doesn’t use any text book, allowing him/her to create all the course material according to the level of the students. This is a dynamic and fun course to learn the basics of conversational French. Call us today to have the schedule for the next session!

Teens (from 11 to 14 years-old or 15 to 17 years old)

Direct communicative method, specially adapted to each age group. Depending on the level of the students the teacher will use a different text book. The students will work both on their grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking abilities. They will need a book depending on their level of French!

Classes meet once a week, in small groups (5 to 10 students).


  • $155 (regular)
  • $135 (one discount)
  • $125 (two discounts)


  • Registering 1 full week before the beginning of a session
  • Double registration (two or more people from the same family or the same household)


  • $52: Alex et Zoé
  • $40: Et toi ?
  • $45: Vite et Bien

The book used depends on your child’s age and level of French. Most of the classes are on Saturday, so call us now to know the schedule! To register, fill out the form and mail it back to us, but only after talking to the course coordinator, Mathilde.

For more information, contact us.