What’s Your Level?

We offer French courses from absolute beginner to advanced levels.


  • If you never had any French in your life, you’re a Pure Beginner.
  • If you had some French at some point, but long ago, and you feel like you forgot everything and want to start from scratch, you’re a False Beginner.


The CEFR or Framework divides learners into three broad divisions which can be divided into six levels:

  • A1 Discovery Completed within 84 hours (3 to 4 sessions). Students are able to introduce themselves and talk about their hobbies, explain where they live, describe relationships, etc.
  • A2 Intermediate Completed within 140 hours (6 sessions or 1 year). Students are able to communicate and exchange on familiar and habitual subjects.
  • B1 Independent Completed within 225 hours (10 sessions). Many of our students aim to reach a B1 level which enables them to interact with ease in French on familiar topics with native speakers.
  • B2 Advanced Completed within 350 hours (2 years). Students are able to communicate with spontaneity and ease. It is also the level of language proficiency that most French universities require from undergraduate froeign students.
  • C1 Autonomous Completed within 450 hours. Students are able to express themselves spontaneously and fluently in social, professional and academic situations without any apparent difficulty in finding the right words.
  • C2 Master Completed within 650 hours. Students are able to effortlessly understand almost everything they read or hear and can speak and express themselves like native French speakers.

If you need help to figure out what is your level, take the online placement test, or phone us at 780-469-0399 to book a free oral placement test (15 minutes).