French for Parents of Children in Immersion

What is French for Parents of Children in Immersion (FPCI)?

These classes are offered for parents who wish to follow their children. With the help of welcoming Principals, the classes usually take place in the schools, once a week, for one hour and half.

Classes aim at following parents to keep up with their children studies, to help them, and feel great about their progress. But there is no stress, no homework.

There are three levels (each level being divided into 2 parts):

  • Beginner 1: Initiation to French sounds, alphabet, syllables, words and sentences. Reading techniques, basic grammar, simple conversational exchanges. The parent has no knowledge in French when he starts this class.
  • Beginner 2: The person can have a short conversation by using verbs in present tense. This person most probably took a French second language course in Grade 12.


  • Elementary 1: The parent can talk about his daily activities and know the close future.
  • Elementary 2: The parent can use the passé compose and reflexive verbs to describe his daily routine.


  • Intermediate 1: The parent can use both the passé compose and the imparfait to talk about an event he lived in the past.
  • Intermediate 2: The parent can use the simple future, the past conditional and the “future antérieur” to describe his travels and projects.


Length of the Session:

We can arrange different session length with the Principal:

  • 4 weeks
  • 8 weeks
  • 10 weeks

The price can be lower with more students!

  • 5 to 7 students – $14/class
  • 8 to 11 students – $12/class

We need a minimum of 5 students. Let us know if you would like FPCI in your school and we will find a teacher!

We have been offering FPCI in the following schools:

  • Laurier Heights School
  • Holy Cross School
  • Holyrood School
  • Greenview School
  • Greenfield School
  • Ecole du Sommet – Saint Paul, AB