Cultural Events

Francophone Film Festival

Edmonton – 8 – 25 March 2015

12 movies, 5 sites!with english subtitles

Which ones will you discover? Read the plots below and… you might want to see them all!

Cinema is said to be the 7th Art. And it is, beyond a doubt, a big part of our culture, our identity. You learn so much about other cultures by watching their movies: social interactions, values, attitudes, habits, behaviours and even cultural elements, history!

French cinema has its own style and personality: comedy or drama or thriller, the French do it in a very different way.

Once in a while, a French movie gets some attention on the new continent. We get a chance, here in Edmonton, to watch a blockbuster from the francophone world. Are they really the best? We won’t judge. But as a French cultural centre, we thought we would expand the palette — let you see French cinema in all its variety.


Download the pdf version of the program

Date Site Title Time
March 8 AFE Les recettes du bonheur / The hundred-foot journey 7pm
March 9 AFE Belle et Sébastien / Belle and Sebastian 6:30pm
March 10 EPL Une place sur la terre 7pm
March 12 CSJ Landes 7pm
March 13 UofA Michael Kohlhaas 7pm
March 14 AFE Le Jour des Corneilles 3pm
March 18 UofA Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au Bon Dieu ? 7pm
March 19 AFE Les mots qui dansent / The dance of words 7pm
March 20 EPL Les neiges du Kilimanjaro / The snows of Kilimanjaro 7pm
March 21 UofA Monsieur Lazhar 7pm
March 22 AFE Jack et la mécanique du cœur / Jack and the Cuckoo-clock heart 2pm
March 25 AGA Séraphine 6:30pm


EPL : Edmonton Public Library – Stanley A. Milner Library – 7 Sir Winston Churchill Square
CSJ : Campus Saint-Jean – 8406 Rue Marie-Anne Gaboury
AGA : Art Gallery of Alberta – 2 Sir Winston Churchill Square
AFE : Alliance Française d’Edmonton – 10424, 123 Street
UofA : North Campus – Room A-141, Arts and Convocation Hall (Map)


Les recettes du bonheur – March 8 / 7pm at Alliance Française of Edmonton

The family of talented cook, Hassan Kadam, has a life filled with both culinary delights and profound loss. Drifting through Europe after fleeing political violence in India that killed the family restaurant business and their mother, the Kadams arrive in France. Once there, a chance auto accident and the kindness of a young woman, Marguerite, in the village of Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val inspires Papa Kadam to set up a Indian restaurant there. Unfortunately, this puts the Kadams in direct competition with the snobbish Madame Mallory’s acclaimed haute cuisine establishment across the street where Marguerite also works as a sous-chef…


Belle et Sébastien – March 9 / 6:30pm at Alliance française of Edmonton

It happens up there, in the Alps. It happens where snow is spotless, where chamoises chase marmots, where summits scrap the sky. It happens in a peaceful village until Nazi’s arrival. This is a meeting between a lonely child and a savage dog. This is the story of Sebastian who tame Belle. This is the adventure of a indestructible friendship. This is the extraordinary narrative of a resourceful and touching child during the Second World War. This is the odyssey of a little boy looking for his mother, of an old man looking for his past, of a resistant looking for love, of a young woman looking for adventure, of a German lieutenant looking for forgiveness. This is the life of Belle and Sebastien…

Une place sur la Terre – March 10 / 7pm at Edmonton Public Library

Antoine is a joyful but disenchanted photographer. His only true friend, Mateo, is 7 years old and the son of his neighbor, who is often absent. One day, he hears a piano sonata coming from the building across the courtyard. Mesmerized by the music, he becomes obsessed by Elena, the beautiful but mysterious pianist, and starts to photograph her at every opportunity. An intense relationship develops between fragile and idealistic Elena and Antoine, who is transformed by this encounter.


Landes – March 12 / 7pm at Campus Saint-Jean

A Young widow wants to carry on with her husband’s work: managing a pine plantation where they extract resin; but most of all, she wants to have electricity installed in her valuable property. In this place, it seems that 1789 never happened and that time stood still: her workers do not receive any salary and, like the peasants in the middle ages, have to bring their production to their landlady.
But her progressive ideas come up against men still remembering WW1 and against her peers, a bourgeois relative and other macho. Her foreman, first bewildered, is finally won over by his boss’ resilience and strength of character. For her own good, the Young heiress is too ahead of her time.

Michael Kohlhaas – March 13 / 7pm at University of Alberta

A sixteenth-century horse dealer, Michael Kohlhaas is deceived by a nobleman. When he tries to have justice done, his wife is raped and murdered in retaliation. After getting his revenge, Kohlhaas becomes the unlikely leader of a peasant revolt, bent on overthrowing the corrupt feudal system.

Le Jour des Corneilles – March 14 / 3pm at Alliance française of Edmonton

A boy lives in the heart of the forest, raised by his father Courge, a tyrannical giant who reigns triumphant and prevents his son from exploring beyond limited boundaries. Ignorant about the ways of men, the boy grows up wild, with the placid ghosts who haunt the forest as his only company. That is until the day that he is forced to go to the nearest village, where he mets young Manon…

Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au Bon Dieu ? – March 18 / 7pm at University of Alberta

The Verneuils are catholic. They are also a well-off, well-educated, well-intentioned, well-thought of couple. Everything would be for the best in the best of worlds if three of their daughters had not married three young men… of different religions and origins. So, the day their fourth girl tells them that she is going to marry a Catholic they are on cloud nine…

Les mots qui dansent – March 19 / 7pm at Alliance Française d’Edmonton

Over 200,000 people in Canada are deaf. For deaf francophones, Quebec Sign Language is essential to both their identity and their connection to the deaf community. In the past decades, parents and doctors have pushed for hearing aids, cochlear implants and a mainstream education for deaf kids. Yet this thrust into the hearing world has come at a price for some deaf students, who may have trouble following classroom activities and end up being marginalized.

The Dance of Words features young artists who have embraced their deaf identity in adulthood after spending a difficult childhood in the grey zone between hearing culture and deaf culture. These emerging artists show how they are using the arts to build a deaf culture that makes them proud. They shine a spotlight on their community while promoting and advancing deaf culture with a keen sensitivity.

Les neiges du Kilimanjaro – March 20 / 7pm at Edmonton Public Library

At a French shipyard, a trade unionist named Michel deliberately arranges to have himself on the dockworkers’ randomly chosen downsizing list to spare another of his fellow workers. While he has his severance package and his friends and family’s generosity to ease this sacrifice, this also gets his home invaded and robbed along with his wife and friends. Through pure luck, Michel finds out the identity of one of his assailants, a young worker who was on the same downsizing list himself, and gets him arrested. However, both Michel and his wife find that their vindictive satisfaction is soured by their realization of their assailant’s motives and the larger consequences of their revenge. Struggling with their conscience, the couple finds themselves independently trying to live up to their ideals for a greater sense of justice.

Monsieur Lazhar – March 21 / 7pm at University of Alberta

When an elementary school teacher commits suicide one night after class, the school’s overworked principal has a hard time finding a replacement. Bachir Lazhar, a middle-aged Algerian immigrant seeking political refuge in Quebec, applies for the job, having had 19 years of experience as a grade school teacher in his home country.
When Bachir is hired, he finds he has to deal with a 10-year-old pupil who has been traumatized because he was the one who discovered the teacher’s body, and a girl whose interpretation of the event and resentment toward her friend provoke unforeseen revelations. He begins to care for his students, hoping to prepare them for the future, but runs into opposition from parents who want him to maintain a professional distance.

Jack et la Mécanique du cœur – March 22 / 2pm at Alliance Française

Edinburgh, late 19th century. Little Jack is born on a day so cold that his heart remains frozen. Madeleine the midwife replaces his heart with a cuckoo-clock. It will work, as long as Jack follows the rules, mainly not falling in love. But his encounter with a fiery-eyed girl singing on a street corner and his decision to chase after her will test the resistance of his makeshift heart to the breaking point… Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart is a magnificent love story set in an exciting period full of fabulous inventions, eccentric characters and fantastic adventures. Adapted by Mathias Malzieu from his best-selling novel and the gold-selling album by his band Dionysos, this superbly animated movie is about passion and acceptance of others.

Séraphine – March 25 / 6:30pm at the Art Gallery of Alberta

In 1914, Wilhelm Uhde, a famous German art collector, rents an apartment in the town of Senlis, forty kilometers away from Paris, in order to write and to take a rest from the hectic life he has been living in the capital. The cleaning lady is a rather rough-and-ready forty-year-old woman who is the laughing stock of others. One day, Wilhelm who has been invited by his landlady, notices a small painting lying about in her living room. He is stunned to learn that the artist is no other than Séraphine, his cleaning lady…




French twist – April 23rd


Poetry is a source of energy, entertainment and joy shared by all societies. The Edmonton Poetry Festival celebrates poetry in all its forms. We get people from across the city involved as creators and audiences. Doesn’t matter what age you are, what culture you come from, or whether you fall for slam poetry or jump at reading the classics.

We work with all sorts of partners to build Edmonton’s vibrant poetry scene: publishers, writers’ organizations, community organizations, schools and literary groups. We connect poetry with other art forms (like music and visual art) and other parts of life (like science, politics, spirit). We aim to stimulate the growth and quality of work created and performed by Edmonton artists. We bring in national and international artists to inspire, entertain and educate.

We build bridges with the human voice and the art of language.


The Edmonton Poetry Festival kicked off in 2006, with the help of Edmonton’s then-poet laureate Alice Major and an organizing committee representing a wide range of poetry groups in the city. TELUS came on board as the founding sponsor. Victoria School for the Arts held a hugely successful poetry day, with dozens of local poets in classrooms and the Parliamentary Poet Laureate, Pauline Michel in the school theatre.

There was Concrete Poetry — poems chalked all over Sir Winston Churchill Square. And there was the first-ever Blinks poetry event — sixty poets, 30 seconds each — organized by the Stroll of Poets Society.

The beats went on.


Now in its fourth year, and hosted by poet Pierrette Requier,The Regroupement Artistique Francophone de l’Alberta (RAFA) and The Edmonton Poetry Festival invite you to see how the French do it! Join us for a lavish evening of bilingual spoken word and musical surprises, served by some of western Canada’s emerging and established writers.

Presented in partnership with RAFA.


Francophone Comic Book Festival


Although it is considered as the 9th Art, the comic book universe is hardly known. Moreover,  in North America, Marvels and Mangas are the most popular… And yet, aside from the eternal Tintin or Asterix, the Francophone comic book world offers an incredible variety of styles that will please kids and adults, men and women all the same!

We will take you on a journey within the fabulous world of the Francophone comic books from May 9th to 23rd: the French comic book festival is organized by the Alliance Française of Edmonton and Christian Reyns, Professor at the University of Alberta.


  • May 9 – 18: Women in comic book world: authors and/or female heroes
  • May 21 – 23: Charlie Hebdo in comics



Women in comic book world: authors and/or female heroes

  • Movie screening: “Joséphine” a movie inspired from a French comic book byPénélope Bagieu. (Saturday, May 9th – 8pmin French with English subtitles)

  • Exhibit: History of the French comic books and Presentation by Christian Reyns: Women in the comic book’s world, as authors and/or female heroes.(Thursday, May 14th 7:30pm)
  • Movie screening: ”Aya de Yopougon”  an animation movie inspired from an Ivorian comic book by Marguerite Abouet. (Monday, May 18th, 8pm– in French with English subtitles)

 Charlie Hebdo in comics

  • Exhibit: Charlie Hebdo comics exhibit by U of A students and Chris Reyns and discussion (Thursday, May 21st 7:30pm)

  • Movie screening: “C’est dur d’être aimé par des cons” (It’s hard being loved by jerks) a documentary on Charlie Hebdo filmed during the trial of its chief director by the Union of Islamic Organizations of France, prior to the recent dramatic events(Saturday, May 23rd, 8pm).

Chris Reyns, Professor at the University of Alberta and Francophone comic books specialist will be our host all along this festival.



Make Music Edmonton 2015

The Fête de la Musique was created in 1982 in France by the French Minister for Culture to promote and enjoy music. Nowadays, it is celebrated all over the world: over 700 cities in more than 100 countries!
(For more information about the concept, you can click this link)

For its second edition of the Fête de la Musique, the Alliance française of Edmonton thinks in larger dimensions !

In partnership with  ID VIP Team and the 124th Street Business Association we will celebrate the beginning of the summer with Make Music Edmonton!

Sunday June 21st, from 12pm to 5pm musicians and bands will play in the street and pubs along the 124th Street. The aim of this event for musicians is to share their passion and to be seen by a lot of people; and for Edmontonians, the aim is to discover some talents of their city and a neighborhoud in development!

An ETS shuttle bus will bring you to the Westmount Community League where you will discover our Alliance and all our partners and sponsors at booths, but also inflatable structures for kids and food trucks !

Great moments and a lot of fun are planned for this day, don’t miss it!

The music line-up will be revealed soon, make sure you check our websites for regular updates : our Facebook page and our official Make Music Edmonton website !



Theater night – Fear and Trembling


February 14, 2015

How about a play at the theater for Valentine’s Day?

The show Fear and Trembling is an adaptation based on the bestseller by Amélie Nothomb, adapted, directed and interpreted by Layla Metssitane.

After her great success at the theater Festival of Avignon, she is offering a tour in Canada. Here is a great opportunity to discover this talented artist in Edmonton!


  • $10 students
  • $15 members of the Alliance Française
  • $20 regular

You can book your tickets by phone: 780-469-0399. The play will be at the Auditorium of the Camps Saint Jean on Saturday, February 14th at 8pm! It is in French but don’t worry: there will be surtitles so everyone can come!

Thanks a lot to our partners: l’Unithéâtre and the Campus Saint Jean!


Thibault Cauvin

Citadel Theatre Thibault CauvinMarch 11, 2015 – 8pm
Citadel Theatre – The Club
Tickets available at box office on March 11

Sponsored by

Maclab Enterprises


Isaac Albeniz

Jazz Standards
Take the A train (Billy Strayhorn)
Felicidade (Tom Jobim)

Philippe Cauvin

Cities Project
Oulan Bator (Mathias Duplessy)
Calcutta (Sébastien Vachez)
Istanbul (Carlo Domeniconi)

Audio & vidéo preview:

Ticket price:

  • General Public: $25 (+GST)
  • AFE members & students: $20(+GST)
  • Students: $15 (+GST)

Portrait Thibault CauvinThibault Cauvin is one of the most talented, charismatic and sought-after guitarists in the world today. He is traveling the globe throughout the year invited by the most prestigious festivals and concert halls, such as the New York Carnegie Hall, the Shanghai Opera, the Moscow Tchaikovski Hall, the London Wigmore Hall, the Hong Kong Opera, the Paris Théâtre des Champs Elysées, the Munich Gasteig, just to quote some of them. He has already given over 1000 concerts in 120 countries, receiving rave reviews by the critics. Thibault has also participated in many TV and radio shows and has cooperated with famous musicians, composers and symphony orchestras. Thibault is considered to be a unique icon in the music world as an innovative and creative performer, always working on the evolution of the classical music.

After having recorded 5 CDs with various labels and having been the subject of the documentary fm “Thibault Cauvin across China” by NP Morin, Thibault signed with Sony Music in 2013. His 1st album within this famous label meets an incredible success. Shortly after its release, the album enters the top 10 french classical music sales and remains there during 3 months. Unanimously, the media qualifes “Dance with Scarlatti”, which has also been broadcasted by the world’s most famous radio channels, as “crowning achievement” (4* Classica, «Favorite» of : France Musique, France Culture, Radio Classique, Fnac, Guitare Classique). Today, this album captures the world, and is already available in 20 countries. Some of the pieces fgure on several “best of” compilations, next to Lang Lang, Placido Domingo, or Hélène Grimaud.

From a family of musicians, Thibault began learning the guitar with his father, at the age of 5. After graduating from the Bordeaux and Paris conservatories, Thibault embarked on the international competitions circuit. At the age of 20, he was the frst and only guitarist
worldwide to win 13 international frst prizes. The two worlds in which Thibault grew up, the classical music from his conservatories education and the contemporary music coming from his close family, in combination with his great experience of an “endless tour”, having started over 10 years ago, have built the foundation of his fascinating personality, which enchants all audiences.

Thibault is regularly the guest of honor throughout the world to give master-classes, lectures or to judge competitions in the most prestigious institutions such as the San Francisco Conservatory, the Toronto University, the London Royal Academy, the Beijing University, among others.

Thibault has been appointed « Ambassador of Greater Bordeaux ». The famous Sevillian
guitar manufacture « Antonio Bernal » creates two guitar models featuring Thibault Cauvin. Thibault has been endorsed by the American strings company D’Addario for 5 years and is playing a guitar made by Jean-Luc Joie.