Staff & Teachers

Anthony Bertrand, Executive Director

Anthony BERTRAND first came in Edmonton in 2005 as a wildlife biologist! (Ressearch assistant and administrative assistant at the University of Alberta). Passionate with linguistics and always keen to promote intercultural exchanges between Francophones and anglophones, he became executive director at Alliance française of Edmonton in May 2010.  Managing the French language school or running the cultural center, you’ll meet him at the Café-croissant, game nights, conferences – or in his office to answer any of your questions!


Marie Fougy-Houel, Course Coordinator

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Teaching at the Alliance Française since September 2015, where she is also the course coordinator. Dynamic and insightful, she will guide you appropriately to teachers and programs that best suit your needs.


Charu Inder Mohan, Instructor

Holding a bachelor‘s degree in Education and Science, Charu started teaching in India as a primary school teacher in Dehli and New Dehli, then in 2004 she turns towards teaching French and English. Afterwards, she joined the French Alliance in Delhi in 2008 and validated a university degree in French as a Foreign Language at the University of Rouen in France. Teacher at the French Alliance of Edmonton since 2009, Charu will attract you with her remarkable energy and will teach you French in a friendly and effective manner.


Annick Kapetanovic, Instructor

Annick came to Canada in 1969 where she took the position of secretary and proofreader of french publications for the Ministry of Agriculture in Ottawa. She then worked as a journalist and language adviser on radio and television and she became translator of textbooks, articles and a book published. Since her arrival at the French Alliance in Edmonton in January 2003, she dedicated herself entirely to teaching and her students did enjoy her many skills, her availability and her versatility.


Claude Roberto, Instructor

She arrived in Alberta in 1977. Claude Roberto is passionate about teaching French and about Francophone culture. She loves helping students to learn French. Her best advice is to communicate : “the most important is to practice” and also to have fun in French so that learning French becomes a pleasure. Claude is also teaching the art of French cuisine in our workshops.


Nelly Abou Chakra, Instructor

Nelly started to teach French as a Foreign Language in Lebanon in the Arts and Culture School, and the Universal College of Aley Lebanon for various levels. She then received a certificate of language development at the cultural center of Beirut in 2001. Teacher at the French Alliance in Edmonton since 2009, Nelly knows how to motivate and captivate students and above all she will adapt to your specific language needs, whatever your level.


Renee Bouchard, Instructor

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Renee started at the Alliance Française as a DELF examiner. She worked a lot with federal employee’s French training. Renee now teaches both children and adults of all levels as well as private classes!